Upholstery Cleaning: Wet - Dry or ??

Upholstery Cleaning Before After Example LouversLane.comThe materials used for upholstery fabrics vary widely - however we have the equipment and expertise to clean virtually any type of fabric upholstery, wall coverings, office panels or other items. So whether there is a label saying "Wet Clean", "Solvent Clean" or no labels, don't worry, we know how to evaluate it or test it to determine the appropriate cleaning method. 

Residentially we cleaning custom made fabric furniture starting at $20 per linear foot (Dry Cleaning $30+ per foot) and have done groupings that retail for over $40K. We also clean outdoor furniture cushions.

Commercially, we clean fabric office dividers and panels, office chairs and church pews. Pricing depends upon volume and logistics of each individual job. Seating will typically be dry and ready to use within a couple of hours. Current clients include libraries, medical facilities, colleges and others with furniture that sees a lot of traffic and that needs to be kept looking nice and healthy.


Many people do not realize how how contaminated their fabric furniture actually is. A simple test can be done by vacuuming some fabric with a coffee filter or piece of paper towel over the end of the vacuum hose.  That dark ring of dry soils trapped in the filter represents at best 2/3 of the inorganic soils present, not to include the rest of the dry soils and organic oily soils only flushed out or removed by a more thorough cleaning. Cleaned fabrics are healthier, look better and last longer.
Vinyl Chair Cleaned Before After LLane Medical Example

Ink Stain Front View

Ink Stain after repeated cleaning

 Ink stain removed from seat of a local school auditorium.


Can you tell which side of the back on the library chair below has been cleaned?