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Drapery Cleaning & Flame Retardant Applications


Cleaning Upholstery/Fabric Panels or Walls/Decorative Hangings


Cleaning for a Healthier Environment? As recommended by the current CDC Guidelines we can clean your draperies, soft fabrics or other window treatments, furniture or fabric panels etc. using appropriate methods. Sanitizing treatments should be done after cleaning existing germs and biofilms off surfaces. We can use N-List approved chemicals or more natural methods like Ozonated water in the cleaning process if you want sanitizing done along with the cleaning of many items. For blind cleaning the ultrasonic method is the only way to clean 100% of the surfaces and remove the contaminants without redistributing them into your environment. (Dusting methods disturb and redistribute things all over the room and only reaches some of the upper surfaces).


Commerical & Retail Office or Business Space: Office Buildings  Banks  Restaurants

100 1357For commercial clients we provide full service window treatment care, cleaning and replacement. Whether your project ranges from just a few repairs or a refresh for a new tenant to hundreds of binds or shades that need cleaning we have the staffing and experience to handle it. We handle window treatments of all sizes and configurations and have experince working in a wide range of facilities from office space to assisted living facilities. We can clean on or off site, whichever works best for your situation.

Wired Tilter Mini IllustrationGive us a call. We'll be happy to review your needs and learn what we need to do to deliver stress-free solutions for your particular project(s). We've saved project managers tens of thousands of dollars on projects as our approach to doing what works for them, using our mix of experience and equipment, allows us to present solutions tailored to the specif need and budget.

Some of our clients have hundreds of buildings, calling upon us during remodeling or maintenance for repairs, cleaning or replacement of window treatments. We are willing to not just work for you, but with you, supporting your maintenance staff in getting parts, replacement blinds or doing repairs to save time and money. IC Drapery Job

Need new blinds, solar shades, verticals or other window treatments? We have accounts with all the major fabricators and will do the research to get you the best value for your budget. We will save you time, providing multiple bids and options from which your decision makers can select the best fit for your needs.

chicago00211We do everything by appointment. Projects early or late in the day or on Saturday are no problem.

Stage Drapery Cleaning & Flame Retardant Application

In public facilities fabrics represent not just a cleaning issue, but a fire safety/public safety compliance issue as well. We clean and apply flame retardants on fabrics for local schools, colleges, club houses in senior communities and other facilities. Whether your job is a few panels of drapery or valance or over ten thousand square feet of stage drapery requiring three levels of scaffolding to reach - we've done it.

Cleaning medical curtains

privacy curtain before afterCleaning medical privacy curtains is another specialty some of our crew does after hours for clients. We can service a complete hospital or specialty units like renal centers, out patient surgical suites and doctor's offices that call us periodically to clean their curtains.

If you have us do them on-site there is no "down time" or need to improvise or find extra replacements. Spotting the common stains like pen lines, blood or other stuff is typically not a problem either.



For churches we fabric chairs and pew pads or other fabrics. We also have cleaned and flame retarded draperies or other fabrics. If you have hundreds of chairs or thousands of linear feet of pews to clean we can either do the work with our crew at a fair price or support you with a "work day" using our equipment and supplies and your laborers to save money.


Below is a unique project we do for a local client - decorative fabric hangings. The hoop of the larger ring was ten feet in diameter and suspended about twenty-four feet above the floor with a second fabric ring inside it. Two-thirds of the time and labor on this project invovled getting into position to actually do the cleaning of the fabric.

Fabric hanging hoopFabric hangings